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Developing the Baldrige Core Values/Best Practices for the School


Core values posted in a data centerAs the beliefs of the school community and the purpose for the school are communicated through the school’s vision and mission, they also guide the school community in defining a set of core values, which in turn, reinforce the school’s vision. Therefore, the next task for the school community in developing its culture is reaching consensus on those core values that are critical to the realization of the school’s vision and mission.

The Baldrige Core Values/Best Practices are timely and research-based and have been defined as those best practices found in high performing organizations throughout the world. The Baldrige Core Values/Best Practices need to be shared among staff and other stakeholders, and are critical to building a school’s culture, as the foundation for achieving strategic goals and objectives based on student and other stakeholder needs with results as the bottom line.

More Information

More information can be found in the Chapter 2 of Building An Organizational Learning System: The Baldrige Principal's Handbook for Guiding the School Improvement Process under the following subsections. These subsections will be available for download in the near future.
  1. The Baldrige Core Values/Best Practices for High Performing Organizations
  2. Baldrige Core Values/Best Practices at the School, Classroom, and Student Levels
  3. How to Identify Core Values/Best Practices to Support the Vision and Mission of the School

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