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Developing a School Learning System (SLS) or Professional Learning Community (PLC)


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Faculty & Staff focus being reviewed at a planning meeting
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When the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence were adapted for use in education, the primary emphasis of the Education Criteria framework was placed on teaching and learning (and is also the primary or only rationale for a Baldrige award!) The Baldrige model also recognizes the impact of collaboration among staff to share successful teaching and learning strategies, and research in supporting conditions for continuous learning critical to self-renewing organizations. Therefore, the establishment of the school as a school learning system or professional learning community is fundamental to creating a school whose mission is about performance excellence in teaching and learning.

More Information

More information can be found in the Chapter 2 of Building An Organizational Learning System: The Baldrige Principal's Handbook for Guiding the School Improvement Process under the following subsections. These subsections will be available for download in the near future.
  1. What is the role of the principal or leadership system in developing a school learning system or professional learning community?
  2. How can we build a professional learning community (PLC) or a school learning system (SLS) that is aligned with the classroom learning system (CLS)? (
  3. How does the School Learning System or Professional Learning Community support the development of a culturally responsive environment that results in equitable outcomes for students and staff?

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