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Systems Perspective

Systems Perspective occurs when processes are planned, aligned and implemented systematically and systemically to increase the likelihood of reaching targeted goals.

Systems Perspective in the School
Systems Perspective in the Classroom
Systems Perspective for Students
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Systems Perspective in the School

We demonstrate Systems Perspective in the school when we:

  • look at the needs of the school as a whole and synthesize key strategic goals and action plans

  • work collaboratively to build upon the linkages among the Baldrige Criteria to ensure alignment and integration of instruction, assessment, and processes

  • use results to monitor performance

  • develop well-defined, well-designed, and well-deployed processes with the involvement of staff, students, and stakeholders

  • align resources to support strategic goals and measures

  • use the Baldrige self-assessment process to improve alignment and integration of processes to develop systems that will facilitate the school’s efforts in meeting performance requirements

Systems Perspective in the Classroom

We demonstrate Systems Perspective in the classroom when we:

  • examine the needs of the class and individual students and work with students to prioritize classroom and personal goals and action plans

  • demonstrate for students how the Baldrige Criteria and Core Values/Best Practices can be used to create a classroom learning system

  • involve students in using results to monitor classroom and personal performance

  • create well-defined, well-designed, and well-defined processes with students for monitoring and self-monitoring of student achievement and classroom procedures

  • align the resources of the classroom to support classroom and personal goals

Systems Perspective for Students

Kid-friendly questions about Systems Perspective

  • What are our/my priority goals? How will I/we reach them?

  • Can I describe how the Baldrige Criteria and Core Values/Best Practices can be used to support our Classroom Learning System?

  • Are we working together to reach our goals?

  • Do I/we know what my/our responsibility is in supporting our Classroom Learning System?

  • Do I /we have a process for monitoring our achievement?

  • What processes are in place for managing our classroom?

  • What do we do if we are not making progress?

  • What processes do we have in our classroom that make learning efficient and effective? Do other classrooms have the same expectations and processes for learning in place?

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