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Visionary Leadership

Visionary Leadership occurs when there is a shared vision and visible commitment of all stakeholders to the principles and practices of continuous improvement and performance excellence.

Visionary Leadership in the School
Visionary Leadership in the Classroom
Visionary Leadership for Students
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Visionary Leadership in the School

We demonstrate Visionary Leadership in the school when we:

  • set and communicate the direction for a student-focused, learning-oriented environment to guide the activities and decisions of the school

  • involve all stakeholders in creating the vision, mission and expectations for the school

  • participate and support actively in the development and alignment of processes, systems, and strategies for continuous improvement and performance excellence

  • stimulate innovation and build capacity throughout the school

  • take responsibility for the vision, mission, values, expectations, and performance of the school

  • take responsibility for individual work systems (including building services, food services) using Baldrige quality principles and participate on school improvement teams

  • serve as role models to reinforce the school's vision, mission, values, and expectations

  • create a sense of urgency to achieve our goals

Visionary Leadership in the Classroom

We demonstrate Visionary Leadership in the classroom when we:

  • communicate current and future expectations for students and for a learning-oriented classroom

  • involve students in developing the classroom mission statement that supports the vision and mission of the school

  • involve students in developing classroom processes and strategies to support student learning

  • provide a climate for creative problem-solving and improved learning

  • allow students to take responsibility for the mission, values, expectations, and learning

  • act as role models in a manner that will communicate the mission, values, and expectations of the classroom

  • expect students to set realistic yet challenging classroom and personal goals

Visionary Leadership for Students

Kid-friendly questions about Visionary Leadership

  • Do I know the mission of my classroom/school? How did I help in writing the mission?

  • Do I know what my current and next teachers expect of me?

  • Do I know what is expected of me to prepare for the next level? (grade, school,college, job, etc.)

  • What is my vision for the future for myself?

  • Do my personal goals support the goals of the classroom?

  • Am I/are we taking responsibility for our learning? How do I/we do that?
    Do my/our goals challenge me/us?

  • Do I/we know when I/we must achieve our goals?

  • Do I know what to do so that I am always improving?

  • Do my parents know what our class mission and goals are? Do they know what my personal goals are? How do I communicate all of this to them?

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