Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD

Learning-Centered Education

Learning-Centered Education occurs when the school’s goals/objectives and actions support student learning and the current and future needs of students.

Learning-Centered Education in the School
Learning-Centered Education in the Classroom
Learning-Centered Education for Students
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Learning-Centered Education in the School

We demonstrate Learning-Centered Education in the school when we:

  • involve all staff members in taking ownership for supporting student learning

  • translate the requirements and expectations of students into appropriate curricular offerings and developmental experiences

  • develop school goals/objectives and action plans based on high expectations and performance excellence

  • measure learning periodically through formative assessments, adjusting instruction accordingly

  • assess progress against key external standards through summative assessments

  • focus on effective teaching and learning

  • afford multiple avenues to success

  • set high expectations

  • support performance excellence for students and staff

  • enable students to take responsibility for managing their education as co-producers of their learning

  • provide opportunities for active learning and problem solving

  • evaluate the impact each activity in the school in terms of creating value for student achievement

  • focus on transitions from school-to-school and school-to-work, aligning expectations and requirements

Learning-Centered Education in the Classroom

We demonstrate Learning-Centered Education in the classroom when we:

  • encourage all students to take ownership for classroom and personal learning

  • plan instruction to meet the current and future requirements of students

  • write class and individual goals and action plans based on high expectations and performance excellence

  • focus on the teaching/learning processes

  • differentiate instruction for students to facilitate mastery of goals and objectives

  • set high expectations for learning and performance excellence

  • enable students to monitor the progress of their classroom and personal goals facilitated by the use of quality tools, classroom data centers and personal data notebooks or folders

  • evaluate each activity in the class according to its value in supporting the goals of the classroom

  • communicate to students the expectations and requirements of the next level of school or world of work

Learning-Centered Education for Students

Kid-friendly questions about Learning-Centered Education

  • Do we have goals for our classroom that are based on our needs and that challenge us to do our best?

  • How do I know what my personal goals should be?

  • How will I/we measure my/our progress?

  • What will I do if I am/we are not making progress?

  • Is everything I am/we are doing in school and in our classroom helping me with learning?

  • Do the principal, building services manager, secretary, lunch hour assistants, instructional assistants and the cafeteria workers know what our school goals are? How do I know that?

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