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Core Values/Best Practices

The Baldrige Core Values or Best Practices are the foundation for the Baldrige Criteria and are essential for a results-oriented organization focused on performance excellence. These Core Values/Best Practices must be applied and integrated at all levels of the organization. In a school setting, the evidence for Core Values/Best Practices should be demonstrated in daily actions at the school, classroom, and student level.

Visionary Leadership

Visionary Leadership occurs when there is a shared vision and visible commitment of all stakeholders to the principles and practices of continuous improvement and performance excellence
Examples of Visionary Leadership

Learning-Centered Education

Learning-Centered Education occurs when the school’s goals/objectives and actions support student learning and the current and future needs of students..
Examples of Learning-Centered Education

Organizational and Personal Learning

Organizational and Personal Learning occurs when there is a well-executed approach enabling staff and students to participate in personal learning and continuous improvement processes.
Examples of Organizational and Personal Learning

Valuing Workforce Members and Partners

Valuing Workforce Members and Partners occurs when staff and stakeholders' input, shared decision making, on-going development, and collaboration are valued and enhanced.
Examples of Valuing Workforce Members and Partners


Agility occurs when there is the desire and the ability for faster and more flexible response to student and stakeholder needs.
Examples of Agility

Focus on the Future

Focus on the Future occurs when there is an understanding of the expectations of next level teachers, of the community, and of employers so that students can prepare for a future point in time.
Examples of Focus on the Future

Managing for Innovation

Managing for Innovation occurs when stakeholders are supported in creating meaningful change in programs or processes that create new value for student achievement.
Examples of Managing for Innovation

Management by Fact

Management by Fact occurs when data is used to drive decisions, inform instruction, or to evaluate key processes and results.
Examples of Management by Fact

Societal Responsibility

Societal Responsibility is the belief in group norms and values and the practice of good citizenship, understanding that it is the school’s role to model these values as members of the community.
Examples of Societal Responsibility

Focus on Results and Creating Value

Focus on Results and Creating Value occurs when there is a focus on results and those actions which create value in attaining results.
Examples of Focus on Results and Creating Value

Systems Perspective

Systems Perspective occurs when processes are planned, aligned and implemented systematically and systemically to increase the likelihood of reaching targeted goals.
Examples of Systems Perspective

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