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Student and Stakeholder Focus

Student and Stakeholder Focus in the School
Student and Stakeholder Focus in the Classroom
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The Student and Stakeholder Focus Category examines how the school determines the academic needs of students. The category also focuses on how the school builds relationships with students and stakeholders, and determines the key factors that lead to student and stakeholder satisfaction, preferences, and expectations. (Adapted from Baldrige National Quality Program)

Engaging students in the educational planning and decisions that affect them will have the largest payback in terms of performance and a positive organization climate. (Baldrige in Education)

What Does Student and Stakeholder Focus Look Like
at the School Level?

The school has processes in place for determining students’ academic needs and levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction among its students and stakeholders as a basis for developing goals, building positive student and stakeholder relationships, and setting the direction for the school.

What Does Student and Stakeholder Focus Look Like
at the Classroom Level?

In a Classroom Learning System (CLS) that takes into consideration “Student and Stakeholder Focus,” goals are based on the needs of students and the requirements of the next level grade, course, or school. Stakeholders and students are surveyed to determine levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction as a basis for building positive relationships. In a CLS, students are actively involved in analyzing their academic needs and level of satisfaction through continuous improvement processes and quality tools.

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