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Process Management

Process Management in the School
Process Management in the Classroom
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The Process Management Category examines the key aspects of the school’s process management, including key learning-centered processes for the schools instructional programs and services that create value for the student, stakeholders, and the school. (Baldrige National Quality Program)

Key to improving organizational performance is the ability to identify key processes and manage them so that student and stakeholder requirements are met consistently. (Baldrige in Education)

What Does Process Management Look Like at the School Level?

The school has well-defined, well-designed and well-deployed processes, enhanced by the PDSA cycle and quality tools, to monitor and analyze key components of the school improvement plan. These processes when aligned and integrated allow for systematic and systemic monitoring and analysis focused on continuous improvement of the school.

What Does Process Management Look Like at the Classroom Level?

In a Classroom Learning System focused on “Process Management,” the teacher has processes in place to enable students to achieve goals and action plans and to maintain a safe and orderly classroom. Quality tools are used by the teacher and students to facilitate process thinking and enhance student participation; then include the PDSA cycle, plus deltas, force field analyses, flow charts, issue bins, consensograms, and affinity diagrams.

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