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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning in the School
Strategic Planning in the Classroom
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The Strategic Planning Category examines how the school develops strategic goals/objectives and action plans. The category also focuses on how the chosen strategic objectives and action plans are deployed and how progress is measured (as shown by linkage to the “Results” and “Measurement, Analysis, and Information Management. (Adapted from Baldrige National Quality Program)

Critical to this category is that every person in the organization must know the strategic plan and be able to describe how he/she contributes to achieving the plan’s goals and objectives (Baldrige in Education)

What Does Strategic Planning Look Like at the School Level?

The school has processes in place for the development of strategic, measurable goals based on students’ needs and expectations and students’ and stakeholders’ levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction. Action plans are developed to achieve the goals and as a means for assessing progress.

What Does Strategic Planning Look Like at the Classroom Level?

In a Classroom Learning System (CLS) focused on “Strategic Planning”, classroom goals and action plans are developed and displayed by the teacher and students and are aligned with the school’s and county’s goals. Likewise, students develop individual goals, action plans, and data charts to monitor progress all of which are aligned with classroom goals that are monitored, evaluated and charted and posted on the data center.

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