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Leadership in the School
Leadership in the Classroom
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The Leadership Category examines how the school’s leadership [system] addresses the school’s values, directions, and performance expectations as well as the focus on students and stakeholders, student learning, staff empowerment, innovation, agility, and organizational learning. (Baldrige National Quality Program, 2004)

To be effective, leaders must understand the Baldrige model and core values and communicate to the workforce and leadership system [the school’s] intention to use that model for assessment and improvement. Leaders need to understand the system and realize that it is their responsibility to share the knowledge and set direction. (Baldrige in Education)

What Does Leadership Look Like at the School Level?

The school’s leadership system (principal, leadership team, teacher in the classroom and parents and students whenever possible) has processes in place for monitoring and communicating the school’s or classroom’s mission, goals, and action plans. Those in leadership positions work with stakeholders to help create the mission to support a high-performing organization focused on continuous improvement.

What Does Leadership Look Like at the Classroom Level?

In a Classroom Learning System (CLS) focused on “Leadership,” a mission statement and goals developed by the teacher with students are posted in the classroom as part of the data center . The teacher has systems in place for communicating, monitoring, charting progress on goals to the students and parents on a regular basis. In a CLS, students take ownership for their learning, developing their own mission statement and monitoring personal goals.

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