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Faculty and Staff Focus

Faculty and Staff Focus in the School
Faculty and Staff Focus in the Classroom
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The Faculty and Staff focus Category examines how the school’s work system and staff learning and motivation enable staff to develop and utilize their full potential in alignment with the school’s overall goals/objectives and action plans. This category also focuses on the school’s efforts to build and maintain a work environment and staff support climate conducive to performance excellence and to personal and organizational growth. (Baldrige National Quality Program)

Faculty and staff are viewed as the most valuable asset of the organization and investment and development are critical to achieving the organization’s mission and goals. (Baldrige in Education)

What Does Faculty and Staff Focus Look Like at the School Level?

The school has processes to place to determine education and training needs for all staff members to support strategic goals/objectives and action plans. The category also includes the evaluation of training, well-being and levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction of all staff members.

What Does Faculty and Staff Focus Look Like at the Classroom Level?

In a Classroom Learning System, the teacher models the school’s learning system, developing background knowledge to guide students to focus on performance excellence, using processes and tools for continuous improvement. Likewise, the teacher with the students creates a classroom learning system by developing class and personal goals/objectives and action plans.

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