In His Own Words: Dermer

Dermer is attending Montgomery College and will study electrical engineering. He is graduating from Rockville High School and wants to be the first person in his family to earn a college degree. He came to the United States from Honduras three years ago. He likes to play soccer in his free time.

On his work ethic

I try to work hard because I want to achieve my dreams and help my family in the future. It’s really important when you want to be need to try to work hard so that when you want something, you can do it.

On his favorite classes

My favorite subjects were math class, science, music class. ...Also I like to help other people, because when I help them, I can learn too.

On moving to Rockville

When I came here I didn’t know...English. At the time I felt really shy because I didn’t know how to do well in any classes and I needed help from other people. It’s so difficult to start to learn a new language in a new country, in a new society, in a new culture.

His advice to freshmen

Get involved in new activities in the school. You can get to know new people and new teachers.