MCPS ChromeBooks

For singleton chromebooks with no cart, schools can order directly in FMS. Search FMS on ‘chromebook'. Each chromebook requires a license and configuration.  Add 1 each of FMS items CDWCHROMEOSSVC1 and CROSSWDISEDU for each chromebook being ordered. 

Standard ChromeBook Lenovo 300e with 11.6" Touch Screen

5584293 Lenovo 300e Touch Chromebook (2nd Gen) - 11.6" - N4000, 4/32 GB $240

3577022 Academic ChromeBook OS Management License Mfg#: CROSSWDISEDU $28

3747834 ChromeBook OS White Glove Service Mfg#: CDWCHROMEOSSVC1 $6

eMail Paul McCabe to order ChromeBooks ***WITH Carts.***  Include the number of ChromeBooks, a FULL FMS account to charge and IAF approval if required.

A full cart of (32) Chromebooks is $9,727.  Subtract $274 each for fewer ChromeBooks. 


If your PTA or Foundation is interested in purchasing a cart for your school, funds should be deposited into the school's Independent Activity Fund account. IAF approval is required for orders over $7,500. Once IAF approval is received, send your request, along with the IAF approval to Paul McCabe to place the order. Donations or grant chromebooks from other brands cannot be repaired by MCPS. Donated ChromeBooks require ONLY the $28.00 ChromeOS license. ITSS will add to the Enterprise and add barcode for inventory.

Each Chromebook ships with a power adapter

If you need additional Power Adapters for Acer C720, 738, or 740 ChromeBooks, submit a Help Desk Ticket and specify the quantity needed.

$31.00  Acer USB-C Power Adapter for 11" 771 & 14" 471 45 Watt  4224938  

$39.00  Lenovo 300e 45W Power Adapter USB TypeC  4499086

 Empty carts can be ordered for $959.  EMPTY CARTS DO **NOT** INCLUDE CHARGERS. If you need an empty cart but with chargers installed, the chargers need to be ordered with the cart.

Spectrum Connect36 Mobile Device Cart with eLogix Timer (prevents overcharging) and retractable doors

 Spectrum Connect 36 Cart


Copernicus TechTub2 Portable 6-Unit 11" ChromeBook/iPad Case P/N 1530106 $168 

Copernicus TechTub2 Portable 10-Unit ChromeBook/iPad Case and Cart P/N 1566453 $320 

See Reseller site for additional options and order other items via non-catalog request.