Dell OptiPlex Desktop

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17" & 19" LCD Displays are no longer available.

Dell 24" P2419HC LCD w/ Sound Bar $235.00 ***

Dell 24" P2419HC LCD as 2nd display WITHOUT Sound Bar $202.00

Dell 24" P2418HT TOUCH Monitor for PC or ChromeBook $280.00 

***New LCD displays are expected to last 10+ years and the current P2419HC model uses the forward-leaning USB-C port.  This display will require a USB to USB-C Adapter cable to use the USB ports built into the display.  MOST USERS WILL FIND IT CONVENIENT TO USE THE FRONT & BACK USB PORTS ON THE COMPUTER ITSELF AND WILL NOT NEED THIS CABLE.  These are ~$7 and must be ordered separately. Search FMS on KWFW404 for a 5-Pack of 6 foot  USB to USB-C cables $29.75 (3-foot) $7.00 option from Amazon that can be ordered on the school credit card. USB Ports on the desktop CPU are always a more accessible option.