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Transition Plan


Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Joshua P. Starr formed a transition team of outside education experts and MCPS staff members to conduct a thorough review of MCPS. The team was led by Dr. Robert Peterkin, Professor Emeritus at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

The team’s report highlights the strengths it found in MCPS and areas where additional focus is needed. The report focuses on four areas: teaching and learning, professional learning, culture and context, and operations. The transition report, along with the information gleaned this fall from the “Listen and Learn” sessions, will shape Dr. Starr’s strategy to help MCPS reach the next level of success.

Transition Report

Since June 2011, the team reviewed system data, documents, and plans; conducted focus groups with a variety of stakeholders; and interviewed numerous community and elected leaders. As the team prepared its recommendations, both near-term and long-term, five broad themes emerged:

Full Report

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  • Differentiation within and among schools, classrooms, and students  
  • Communications and relationships with stakeholders  
  • Implementation of vision, mission, and policies in practice  
  • Design and delivery of professional development initiatives  
  • Issues of race and equity  

Transition Team Members

  • Dr. Robert Peterkin, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Director Urban Superintendent’s Program
  • Dr. Rebecca Thessin, Assistant Professor of Educational Administration, The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development
  • Brian Edwards, Chief of Staff, MCPS
  • Dr. Brian Osborne, Superintendent of Schools, South-Orange Maplewood, NJ
  • Dr. Frieda Lacey, Deputy Superintendent, MCPS
  • Katheryn Gemberling, former Deputy Superintendent, MCPS
  • Vera Gaines, Co-Lead Consulting Teacher, MCPS
  • Dr. Larry Leverett, Executive Director, Panasonic Foundation
  • Dr. Frank Stetson, Chief School Performance Office, MCPS
  • Dr. LaVerne Kimball, Community Superintendent, MCPS
  • Scott Murphy, Principal, MCPS
  • John Kim, Chief Executive Officer, District Management Council and Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School
  • Larry Bowers, Chief Operating Officer, MCPS
  • Dr. Susan Marks, Superintendent of Schools, Norwalk, CT
  • Ruth Musicante, Professional Growth Consultant, MCPS