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2001 SAT Results:
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2000 Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Results for Montgomery County Public Schools

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Executive Summary
Proficiency and Participation Rates
Table 1: SAT Scores by Race for MCPS, MD, Fairfax VA, USA, 1997-2000
Table 2: SAT Participation by Race, 1997-2000
Table 3: SAT Scores by Gender for MCPS, MD, USA, 2000
Results for Students Receiving Special Services
Table 4: SAT Scores for Students Receiving Support Services, 2000
Long-Term Trends in SAT Preparation and Performance
Figure 1: Ten-Year Trends in SAT Scores by Race, 1990-2000
Figure 2: Ten-Year Changes in Academic Prep., SAT Partic. & Profic., 1990-2000
Figure 3: Racial/Ethnic Group Differences in the Distribution of SAT Total Scores, 2000
High School Differences in SAT Scores
Table 5: SAT Participation Rates and Average Total Scores by School
Complete SAT Report
Proficiency and Participation Rates
Systemwide Proficiency
2000 SAT Scores for MCPS, MD, USA
Table 1: SAT Scores from Selected Large School Districts
Systemwide SAT Participation Rate
Four-Year School Trends in Proficiency and Participation Rates
Table 2: SAT Participation Rates and Average Total Scores by School, 1997-2000
Table 3: School 1997-2000 Educational Load and SAT Participation
Results by Gender
Results by Racial/Ethnic Group
Figure 2: MCPS and National Four-Year Trends by Race
Racial Group Equity in SAT Preparation
Figure 3: Ten-Year Changes in Academic Preparation, SAT-Taking, and SAT Proficiency
Results for Students Receiving Support Services
High School Productivity in SAT Scores
Figure 4: SAT Scores for Schools and SAT Scores for Students
with the Same Average Grade 8 CRT Scores

SAT II: Subject Test Proficiency
PSAT Proficiency
Interpretation Guidelines
List of Tables
Table A1 – SAT I Results for Graduating Classes for MCPS and National, 1973-2000
Table A2 – SAT I Results by Race; for Graduating Classes 1997-2000
Table A3 – School Results on the SAT I, 1997-2000
Table A4a – SAT I Results for African American Students by School
Table A4b – SAT I Results for Asian American Students by School
Table A4c – SAT I Results for Hispanic Students by School
Table A4d – SAT I Results for White Students by School
Table A5 – SAT II Subject Test Results for Graduating Classes for MCPS and National, 1995-2000
Table A6 – PSAT Results for High School Juniors in MCPS High Schools and the Nation, October, 1982-1999
Table A7 – School Results on the PSAT, 1996-1999
Systemic Planning for SAT Preparation
Long-Term Strategies
Intermediate-Term Strategies
Short-Term Strategies
Table 1: Standardized Regression Coefficients for Academic Predictor Modle of SAT Total Score
Figure 1: Relationship of Eighth Grade CAT Scores to SAT Scores
The SAT report was produced by the Office of Shared Accountability, Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville MD.

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