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A Message From MCPS—Ensuring Student Safety

Dear MCPS Community:

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As the new school year nears, we know many of you have safety on your minds. While our core purpose as a school system is preparing all students to thrive in their futures, we know this cannot be achieved if students don’t feel safe and welcome in our schools.

To provide a safe and welcoming environment for learning, MCPS takes a comprehensive approach to ensuring student safety that includes bus and building safety; child abuse, bullying and suicide prevention; and environmental safety.  

Below are just a few of the many steps we take to keep students safe:  

Building and Bus Safety 

  • Controlled access systems and entryways at schools
  • A school resource officer in every high school (Read more)
  • A visitor management system at schools that screens visitors though state and national sex offender databases
  • Updated Emergency preparedness plans for each school (Learn more)
  • Hundreds of dedicated MCPS security staff who support elementary, middle and high schools across the county
  • A comprehensive report on school safety and security (Read the 2018 report and action plan
  • Security cameras in all high and middle schools, with cameras being added to elementary schools this year
  • Cameras on the interior and exterior of most buses, with cameras being added to all buses by the end of the school year (Watch the “Respect the Bus” video)
  • Focus and vigilance from all staff members on building security
  • Pedestrian safety resources (Learn more)

Prevention of Child Abuse

  • Multi-point background checks for all employees, contractors and certain volunteers. (Learn more)
  • Mandatory training for employees, contractors and volunteers in preventing, recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect (Take the training)
  • Age- and developmentally appropriate personal body safety lessons for all students (See the lessons)
  • Streamlined reporting process for incidents of abuse (Review our MCPS policy and reports on child abuse)
  • A code of conduct for all employees (Read more)

Bullying and Harassment Prevention

  • A streamlined process for reporting incidents of bullying (Bullying Report Form)
  • Training for all employees on preventing and reporting bullying, harassment and intimidation
  • Lessons on digital citizenship and combatting cyberbullying and harassment for students (Learn more)
  • Guidelines regarding student gender identity matters (Read more)
  • Counseling support for students
  • Guidelines for Respecting Religious Diversity (Read the guidelines)
  • Policy ACA: Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency (Read the policy)
  • Annual Choose Respect healthy teen dating conference (Learn more)

Mental Health and Wellness 

  • Suicide prevention training for students at all middle and high schools
  • BtheOne mental health campaign in partnership with Montgomery County, Every Mind and Family Services, Inc. (Learn about the campaign)
  • A comprehensive health curriculum for students at all levels
  • Mental health resources and crisis supports for students (Learn more
  • Mandatory training for all staff on suicide prevention and intervention
  • A streamlined reporting process for suicide risk reporting (Read more)
  • Linkages to Learning initiative (Read more)
  • Recovery Academic Program for students emerging from addiction (Learn more)
  • Resources for Montgomery County Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment (See the resources)
  • Behavioral threat assessment training for staff
  • Restorative justice programs for students (Learn more

Environmental Safety

We look forward to a great and safe school year with you!

- Montgomery County Public Schools