Beginning January 15, 2020, mentors will be able to request payment for their fall semester of mentoring. The deadline to receive the original request form in our office is February 21, 2020.  Payments cannot be processed for mentor payment request forms that are received even one day after the deadline. It is the mentor's responsibility to ensure that the request forms receive our office on or before the deadline. Please allow at least a week for the pony to deliver your request form. Fiscal department will not process forms that are faxed or sent as email attachments. We need the originals please. Pony it to Geetha Kumar, Mentor Program, DPGS, 45 West Gude Dr. Suite 2400.

Payments are as follows: 

  • $25/hour – mentors who log less than 12 hours  
  • $400 – mentors who log 12 hours or more for the semester and have successfully completed TOT-02 
  • $300 – mentors who log 12 hours or more for the semester but have not completed TOT-02 

To receive payment mentors need to request payment through PDO and submit a printed payment request form via pony. Directions are as follows:   

  • Click on your mentoring tab in PDO. 
  • Make sure you are in the correct semester and have entered all of your logs.
  • Go under Mentor Menu on the far left corner of the PDO frame.
  • Click on Request Payment.
  • Answer the questions, then click on Submit Payment Request.
  • The payment form screen or Acrobat equivalent will appear--follow the prompts.
  • Click on Print Form.
  • Print and complete the form. 
  • Pony the original with all required signatures to Geetha Kumar,Teacher Mentor Program/DPGS at 45 West Gude Drive, Suite 2400 The form should be received at.the office on or before the deadline, February 21, 2020. 

Mentors who do not receive their stipend after 6 weeks should contact the New Teacher Induction Program at 301-217-5100.