Policies for Public Comment 

BOARD POLICY JEE,  Student Transfers  

Public Comment Sought on Amendments to Policy JEE

The Montgomery County Board of Education is proposing amendments to Board Policy JEE, Student Transfers , and is seeking public comment on the amendments. 

Highlights of the Board's amendments include the following topics:

  • unique hardships that may qualify students for transfers based on family circumstances;
  • extenuating circumstances related to the medical, emotional, or social well-being of a student;
  • clarification of the provision for receiving a transfer based on a sibling's school of attendance;
  • conditions for approving transfers of children of staff members;
  • academic transfers for high school students; and
  • adjustments to make reapplication procedures more consistent for students on approved transfers transitioning from elementary-to-middle school or middle-to-high school.

Draft Board Policy JEE is now available for public comment until December 15, 2019.

Read draft Board Policy JEE

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