KBA-RB, Educational Purposes and Administration of the MCPS Web

About this Regulation

Regulation: KBA-RB

Last revised: September 11, 2006


The purpose of this regulation is to provide a framework for the structure and content of the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Web. This framework shall provide accountability for information published on the MCPS Web so that the use of the Web serves the educational purposes of MCPS; establish reasonable controls to protect the privacy of MCPS staff and students in a global communications environment; and ensure that the MCPS Web incorporates best practices and meets the highest educational and quality standards.


Montgomery County Public Schools maintains official district, school, and office Web sites to provide parents, staff, students, and the larger community with valuable information about and technical support for the academic, administrative, and operational aspects of the school system. The MCPS Web is a non-public forum. MCPS has the right, and has chosen to exercise that right, to place reasonable restrictions on the material posted on or accessed through the MCPS Web.

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