JPD-RA, Health Care For Children and Staff with Allergies

About this Regulation

Regulation: JPD-RA

Last revised: January 28, 2008


To establish procedures to reduce the effect of allergens on the performance of students and staff during the school day.


Students of elementary school age spend about one-half and secondary students about one-third of their waking hours in school. Many school staff members spend a minimum of an eight-hour workday in the school building. When these hours are spent in the presence of allergens, students and staff health, attendance, and school work may suffer.

It is essential that the school environment be as free from allergens as possible. It is necessary that all school personnel responsible for planning and administering instructional programs be aware of the allergens that may adversely affect the functioning of students with allergies. A continuous allergic condition, as evidenced by tension, fatigue, or hyperactivity, can impact school performance.

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