JGA-RB, Suspension and Expulsion

About this Regulation

Regulation: JGA-RB

Last revised: September 03, 2018


School is a community where students, parents/guardians, and staff work together respectfully to maintain an orderly and safe learning environment focused on teaching and learning. Students have the right to a consistent, fair, and equitably applied discipline process that respects the rights of individuals and the community.
Montgomery County Board of Education (Board) Policy JGA, Student Discipline, sets forth expectations that Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) disciplinary process shall—
A. include a continuum of instructional strategies and disciplinary responses to support teaching and learning;
B. foster positive behavior, and, where possible, prevent student misbehavior before it occurs;
C. reflect a restorative discipline philosophy that affords students opportunities to learn from their mistakes, correct any harm that results from their behavior, and restore relationships that are disrupted by their conduct;
D. use long-term suspensions or expulsions only as last resort options; and
E. keep students in or engaged in school so that they may graduate college and career ready.

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