ACD, Quality Integrated Education

About this Policy

Policy: ACD

Last revised: May 17, 1993


  1. The Board of Education’s primary responsibility is to provide the opportunity for each student to obtain a high quality education and to encourage each student to work toward that objective to the maximum of his or her abilities.
  2. The Board of Education is committed to the proposition that education is most effective in a diverse, integrated setting, and that therefore a major purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for actions designed to promote diversity so that the isolation of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups is avoided and the full benefits of integration are achieved.
  3. Another important goal of the Board is to ensure that all students and staff have experiences and develop greater skills and increased sensitivity in working with others of diverse backgrounds so that they may function well as members of this pluralistic democratic society. The Board will continue to adhere to its commitment to racial and ethnic diversity in staffing in all schools.
  4. This policy statement sets forth a design for achieving the combination of these two relatedgoals – quality education and integrated education – while operating the schools as economically as possible.
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