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Chief Technology Officer

OFFICIAL TITLE: Chief Technology Officer CODE: 0167 SQ/OQ: Not Applicable
WORKING TITLE: Chief Technology Officer GRADE: NS MONTHS: 12
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Under direction of the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for all aspects of MCPS information technology (IT) and systems including setting the instructional technology vision for MCPS. This includes planning, developing, directing, coordinating, and maintaining instructional and administrative IT systems focused on student engagement and vision. Provides technology vision and leadership for developing and implementing IT initiatives supporting MCPS goals with emphasis on integrating technology-based teaching and learning in all classrooms. Serves as the principal advisor to the superintendent and COO on all technology initiatives and is a member of the senior leadership team. Strategic focus is on long-range planning of all information processing and telecommunication systems (voice, video, and data) and operations. Ensure that MCPS¿s technology and instruction environments are closely aligned to ensure the strongest teaching and learning environment. Provide a vision to grow the capacity of the school district¿s employees to use technology efficiently to improve practices and enhance student engagement and achievement. Responsible for preparing and recommending the IT portions of the MCPS operating and capital budgets. Provides a leadership role in the continuous improvement of MCPS business processes and IT infrastructures to achieve a more efficient and valuable use of technology-based instructional and administrative investments within MCPS. Day-to-day operational aspects include overseeing IT purchases, implementation, and various related services including information security. Manages IT hardware and software assets and cost life cycles. As a member of the senior leadership team provides regular updates on IT programs and initiatives.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Thorough knowledge of IT and IT management with a strong business orientation. Knowledge of technology, business, and educational processes, and their cross-functional relationships with capability of aligning the MCPS IT deployment strategy with its business and educational strategies. Understanding of the challenging role of K-12 education in meeting the needs of society. Ability to conceptualize, launch, and deliver multiple IT projects to meet business needs on time and within budget. Skilled at identifying and evaluating new technological developments and gauging their appropriateness for MCPS. Strong collaboration skills. Excellent organizational abilities. Excellent management, oral and written communications, and human relations skills.
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: Masters degree from an accredited college or university with an emphasis on business administration, engineering, computer science, public or educational administration, or related field preferred. Considerable responsible experience in the development and administration of management analysis, budget, planning, and IT management. Experience with contract and vendor management and entrepreneurial activities. Broad experience in managing IT and implementing systems in organizations of comparable size.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.) None
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) Frequent night, weekend, and holiday work.


Plans, develops, directs, coordinates, and maintains an IT infrastructure, architecture, and program that support the Board of Education and Superintendent's commitment to using IT effectively and efficiently in an integrated manner for both instructional and administrative functions.

Directs the daily operation of teams and units reporting to his/her office to assure efficient implementation.

Participates as a member of the Senior Leadership Team in providing executive oversight and management of all aspects of MCPS.

Serves as a principal advisor to the Superintendent and COO on matters related to IT management and planning.

Provides leadership in developing and recommending to the Executive Staff sound IT management plans and practices.

Provides technology leadership that supports effective communication with varied stakeholders, improved organizational processes, differentiated instruction, online assessment and best practices in integrating technology into 21st Century teaching and learning.

Leads the IT planning process for MCPS in a collaborative manner by focusing on both instructional and administrative use of IT.

Prepares the IT portions of the MCPS operating and capital budgets, and presents budget proposals to the Executive Staff and Board of Education for approval.

Prioritizes and recommends which IT projects to include in the budget.

Manages new and existing applications development projects. Expands the IT capabilities to all levels of the management team to support more efficient and timely management information via user-friendly access to school system data using information warehouse techniques.

Develops and maintains IT standards to ensure that all IT users can be creative and effective in a controlled environment.

As an overseer of the IT strategy and architecture, ensures adequate network security measures are in place to secure the infrastructure while enabling greater use of the IT investments to benefit both internal and external users.

Manages outside associations with vendors, outsourcing contractors, and community partners.

Compares IT management practices of other government agencies and school systems with those of MCPS and recommends improvements.

Maintains a close working relationship with IT officials from other agencies in Montgomery County Government, Maryland State Department of Education, other school districts, and other government agencies.

Ensures training for all IT users to ensure productive use of existing and new systems.

Provides technologies that make it easier for students, parents, community organizations, other government agencies, and suppliers to do business with MCPS as well as increase productivity and efficiency.

Interacts with students, parents, teachers, staff, management team, and community organizations to ensure customer satisfaction.

Responds to press inquiries about MCPS IT-related efforts and issues.

Understands and applies principles of performance evaluation and professional growth standards for employees.
Performs related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the position.

Class Established: 12/1997
Date(s) Revised: 5/2000, 5/2007, 3/2017,6/2019
Last Reviewed: 2010

This description may be changed at any time.

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