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Standard Professional Certificate 1 (SPC1)

How Long Is This Certificate Valid?

Valid 5 Years


Issued to an applicant who meets all certification requirements and is employed in a Maryland local school system or accredited non-public school.

Prior to the expiration of the SPC1 and in order to obtain the SPC2, you must…

  • Complete a minimum of 6 semester hours of acceptable credits (PDF) including any required reading course work
  • Complete and verify 3 years of full-time satisfactory professional school-related experience
  • Complete the SPC2 Certificate Renewal Plan (PDF)

Certificate Renewal Plan (Obtaining the SPC2)

A certificate renewal plan is required by MSDE in order to obtain the SPC2 unless the certificate holder qualifies for senior status. The SPC2 renewal plan must indicate what program or credits the professional plans to complete in order to obtain a master’s degree or the equivalent by the expiration of the SPC2. The requirements are listed on MCPS Form 440-36, Five-year Certificate Renewal Plan for the Standard Professional Certificate 2 to obtain the Advanced Professional Certificate (APC).

Submission Deadlines 

All official transcripts and equivalent activities being used for the renewal cycle must be received by the Certification Unit by the certificate expiration date of December 31st or June 30th.

Ligh bulb graphic During the validity period of the SPC1, the educator should consider completing course work toward the Advanced Professional Certificate (APC).

Certificate Processing Fee

A fee is charged by MSDE for issuance of a certificate and for each renewal. Effective January 1, 2004, this non-refundable fee is collected through automatic payroll deduction. Currently, a fee is not charged for adding new endorsements.



At the discretion of the local school system, professionals who fail to meet professional certificate renewal requirements are issued a Class II Conditional Certificate valid for two years. They will receive a provisional contract and will lose tenure. Experience completed under a Class II certificate may not apply toward salary advancement. For example, future step increases may be delayed based on the length of time the professional was on the Class II certificate. Failure to meet the remaining credits by the expiration of the Conditional Certificate will result in termination of employment. 


Please note that COMAR 13A.12.01.11A(3) states that “the local school system may request a conditional certificate…for an employee who fails to meet the renewal requirements of the professional certificate.”  


Certificates are rated Class II because of failure to meet renewal requirements. In each case, the professional whose certificate is rated Class II will be notified of the change. All other certificates are rated Class I.

How to Submit Documentation

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