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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Answers

What is OARS?

Online Achievement and Reporting System (OARS) is comprised of two integrated systems, Pinnacle and Edline. Pinnacle is an electronic grade book accessible only by school staff to record student classroom performance. Edline is a Web-based classroom-to-home communication tool that allows parents/guardians and students to monitor students’classroom performance online, and to communicate with teachers.

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When is OARS coming to my school?

All middle and high schools are currently using OARS, as well as the sixth grades at Chevy Chase and North Chevy Chase Elementary Schools.

Selected teachers from the following schools will be participating in the Pinnacle 7 Prototype beginning August 20, 2007: Beall ES, East Silver spring ES, Forest Knolls ES, Great Seneca Creek ES, and Spark M. Matsunaga ES.

Upon successful completion of the fall 2007 Prototype, a more extensive field test is scheduled for grades 1 and 2 teachers in spring 2008.

Use of Edline, the classroom-to-home communication tool, will begin in elementary schools on a date yet to be determined.

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How do I access OARS?

OARS is accessed via the Internet and is secured with a screen name and password. You will receive an activation code in the mail with instructions on how to activate your account.

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What is the relationship between OARS and the Grading and Reporting Policy?

The following link will provide more information on how OARS supports the Grading and Reporting Policy and Procedures. Pinnacle replaces the many electronic grade books formerly in use throughout the system and helps to promote grading consistency.

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Parent Answers

How do I view my child's grades?

The Edline component of OARS is accessed via the Internet and is secured with a screen name and password. Parents will receive an activation code and instructions from the school. The instructions provide guidance for activating your account and setting up a screen name and password. A link to Edline is available from the home page of each participating school's Web site.

What if I forget my screen name and/or password?

Click on the link “I forgot my screen name or password” from the home page of each participating school’s web site and follow the instructions.

What information will I be able to see?

Grade book information such as individual assignment and assessment (class quizzes and tests) scores, and current course grades will be available for each class.

What do I do if I do not have a computer at home?

You can use any computer with Internet access -- at your local public library, school media center, community center, etc.

Who do I contact if I have technical questions?

You should contact your school’s Edline super user via email. See the school web site for the name and e-mail address.

Do parents and students have separate/individual accounts?

Yes, parents and students have separate accounts. Parent accounts can be linked to one or more students, allowing parents to see information for each of their children.

Can anyone else see my child's grades?

No. Other students and parents cannot see your child’s grades.

Can a non-custodial parent have an account?

Contact your child’s school for further information.

Can I see information for all my children in the same place even if they are in different schools?

Yes. You can see the information for all the children who are attending participating schools. Follow the instructions for a new activation code. Edline will guide you through linking multiple activation codes (one code for each student) to one screen name. You can print an account set up guide by clicking on help on the Edline login page when you first activate your account.

How will I know when grades are updated?

You can elect to receive an email message from Edline when new reports are posted. Login and click on “Manage Account” in the Command Center box. Then choose the option “Allow my school to send me email through Edline.”

Who do I contact if I have questions about the grades?

Contact your child’s teacher first. If any questions persist, contact the school administration. You can also consult the MCPS Grading and Reporting website:

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