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Parent Account Activation

The following directions are for activating a parent Edline account.

Do you already have an Edline account?
- add a child to an existing account

View a tutorial for a demonstration of the process.

> How to activate your parent account

Follow the steps below for activating a parent Edline account.

Step 1 — Go to

Step 2 — Click on "Click here if you have a new activation code."

Step 3 — Type in the activation code provided for you. If you have more than one parent code because you have more than one child at a school, or at more than one MCPS school, enter each parent code, one after the other. After typing in each code, click “Enter.”

Step 4 — Then you see a screen that identifies you as your child's, or children's, parent. Click "Activate this Code."

Step 5 — Terms of Use Policy appears. Click "I Agree."

Step 6 — On the next screen, click "New Account." Type in your screen name and a password. We suggest you choose something you'll easily remember, perhaps the same screen name and password for your existing email account. Click "Continue."

Step 7 — Type in your email address and choose your preferences for receiving email.

Step 8 — Click on the down arrow in the Security question box, choose a topic, and type in the answer. Click “Update.”

Step 9 — Click "Done" in the upper right hand corner of the Edline screen. You'll now see your Edline home page with your child's name, or your children’s names, linked to it.

  • Click on your child's name to see his or her schedule.
  • Click on a class to see any assignments posted for that class.
  • Click on Private Reports to see grades posted for your child.


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