Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD

Features and Benefits

OARS has many features that help to streamline the process of recording grades and monitoring student progress. The key benefit for parents and students is 24-hour access to information about student academic progress. Parents and students ask fewer questions about grades and assignments because the answers to many typical inquiries can be found online. For teachers and administrators, the key benefit of OARS is that IT SAVES TIME.

Some of the time saving benefits of the system include:

  • Bubble sheets are no longer needed to produce report cards
  • Class lists are automatically populated and maintained
  • Interim reports are generated from the system
  • Teachers may access the Web-based system from any Windows PC
  • Parents and students can find answers about student progress and class expectations through Edline
  • OARS has the capability of generating a variety of class and individual student reports
  • OARS is supported by the Office of Information and Organizational Systems. Training support will be available through a variety of training methods.

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