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About OARS

OARS is comprised of two integrated systems: an electronic grade book, Pinnacle, and a classroom-to-home communication system, Edline. All secondary schools are using OARS. Teachers will use the electronic grade book as the method to report and maintain records that monitor student achievement: assignments and grades.

The classroom-to-home communication component of OARS, Edline, provides parents and students with a secure environment in which to find information about student progress and grades. Assignments and other relevant class and curriculum-related information may also be included. Parents and students can access this password-protected classroom-to-home communication system via the Internet 24 hours a day.

The electronic grade book component of OARS, Pinnacle, is also password-protected but is accessible only by teachers and administrators. The Pinnacle grade book replaces the many electronic grade books formerly in use throughout the system and will align with MCPS Grading and Reporting Policy and Procedures.

What are the benefits of using OARS?

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