Advocacy and Marketing

Goal: To promote an awareness of and to educate stakeholders on the MDK12 Digital Library in order to help meet the learning needs of all Maryland students.

Susan Mundy, Chair
Jay Bansbach
Fran Glick
Judylynn Mitchell
Edith Orazi
Sandy Rodeheaver

Business Plan

Goal: To provide statewide access to high quality digital content for all students and educators in Maryland by ensuring sustainability of the MDK12 Digital Library.

Gail Bailey, Chair
Martha Daly
Sandra Doggett
Irene Hildebrandt

Evaluation and Selection

Goal: To sustain a statewide purchasing consortium to ensure cost-effective access to appropriate electronic resources for all Maryland Students.

Shari Blohm, Chair
Lori Bock
Della Curtis
Joshua Fradel
Jona French
Carol Fritts
Sally Ladd
Donna Mignardi
Donna Sterling
Bonnie Thompson

Professional Development

Goal: To promote best practices in the integration of digital content into instruction as library media specialists and teachers across the state utilize the digital resources provided.

Tish Stafford, Chair
Sheila Grap
Regina Greely
Sharon Grimes
Patricia O'Donnell
Lisa Stevenson
Greg Wise

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