MDK12 Digital Library PowerPoint presentation: This presentation provides a summary and purpose of the project. The intended audience is parents, supporters, and administrators. It can be modified to meet your needs.

MDK12 Digital Library bookmarks: These bookmarks can be used to promote the SIRS databases. They can be customized with the name of your district or school as well as your username and password.   

MDK12 Digital Library brochure: The brochure provides an overview of the project. It can be shared with content supervisors, principals, technology specialists, library media specialists, parents, etc.

MDK12 Digital Library flyer: The flyer can be used to inform students, educators, and parents about the SIRS databases. It can be customized with the access information for your school.

Research Models

Social Studies: Focus on Foreign Aid

Reading/English Language Arts: Teacher-Librarian Showcase Presentations



Science Resource Center:

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