What is the MDK12 Digital Library?
  • A partnership of all 24 Maryland school districts, almost 100 nonpublic schools, and the Maryland State Department of Education
  • Subscriptions to online databases with evaluated resources, articles, and websites that support learning
  • Databases available to K-12 students, parents, and educators
Why subscribe to online resources instead of using the free Internet?
  • Ensures access to accurate, reliable, and current information selected by experts
  • Provides resources not available on the free Internet
  • Presents information at various reading levels
  • Supports differentiation of instruction
Why do we need the MDK12 Digital Library?
  • Provides quality resources for students at all grade levels
  • Supports learning with access at school and home
  • Ensures equitable access across districts and schools
  • Reduces cost through statewide purchase

How can I show my support for the continuation of the MDK12 Digital Library?
  • Promote its use for teaching and learning

How can I access the MDK12 Digital Library?
  • Contact your local school library media specialist for access information.
    • School: No password required
    • Home: Password required
  • Go to the following websites:
    • SIRS Decades (elementary, middle, and high school students)
    • Science Resource Center (middle and high school students)
      Each school has a unique URL

What is available in the MDK12 Digital Library?
  • Information to support social studies, science, government, health, arts, humanities, and MORE!
    • Magazine articles
    • Local and national newspaper
    • Primary documents
    • Dictionaries
    • Science experiments
    • Photographs
    • Maps, charts, and graphs
    • Biographies
    • Web links
    • Maryland standards correlation

May I download or print articles from the MDK12 Digital Library?
  • Yes, users may download or print content for educational use.

How can I learn how to use the MDK12 Digital Library?
  • Use the help topics and tutorials available on the database websites
  • Contact your school library media specialist for help and more information

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