FY17 Early Ordering Supply Lists

Below are links to Excel versions of each Early Order Supply List. These are most frequently requested items, sorted according to the typical customer. 

 These lists do not include all items available in the Warehouse, and do not include our newest items. For a comprehensive list of all warehouse items, refer to the Warehouse Catalog (Excel version). You may also search the Catalog using the Illustrated Warehouse Catalog. Additional supplies are listed by category on the Contract Summaries page.

If you have questions, please contact DMM by email or call 301-279-3348.

 Elementary School Supply Lists:
 Auto Delivery          Grade 4            Main Office      
 Kindergarten       Grade 5    Media Center
 Grade 1  Art  Music
 Grade 2   ESOL  Reading
 Grade 3  Health Room                     Blank Worksheet      

 Middle School Supply Lists:
 Auto Delivery          English       Media Center
 Grade 6            ESOL    Physical Education
 Grade 7    Foreign Language              Special Education      
 Grade 8    Health Room  Blank Worksheet
 Art  Main Office   

 High School Supply Lists:
 Auto Delivery           Foreign Language              Physical Education
 Art         Health Room  Science  
 Business Office        Main Office  Blank Worksheet
 English  Math  
 ESOL  Media Center