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Tech Mod Active FAQ

Check this area frequently for answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Tech Mod Summer 2011 Project

5/27/2011 Q: May I make changes to my Tech Mod paperwork?
A: No. We will need to install the computers and printers as shown on your paperwork. Your ITSS may make moves after Tech Mod integration.
5/26/2011 Q: Will hand-in/hand-out folders be copied to the new servers?
A: No. Staff documents, T-Shared and O-Shared are copied to the new servers. Student documents, S-Shared, and hand-in/hand-out are not copied. Check with your ITSS for suggestions and details.
5/13/2011 Q: I hear that after my school goes Tech Mod this summer that I will no have to type SEC or ES in front of my user ID to log in.
A: That is correct. The techie types would say you are being moved to the "root" domain. You should receive instructions about this before the end of school this year.
5/12/2011 Q: Can Netbooks be used for MAP-R testing?
A: Schoolhouse Red netbooks are approved for MAP-R testing. Older netbooks (Dell 2100) are not approved for MAP-R testing
5/5/2011 Q: What can we do to make Tech Mod go smoothly at our school?
A: Put up the signs as requested at the Nuts and Bolts Meeting. Make sure you take personal CDs and flash drives when you leave for the summer. No waxing, stripping, or shampooing during integration dates.
4/19/2011 Q: There is only one electrical outlet in my server closet. Will this cause problems with both sets of servers running?
A: Your new file servers are very energy efficient. When the contractor installs the new servers, the technician will verify power requirements and report problems to the Tech Mod Team. In rare situations, we may ask the contractor to not power on the new servers at this time.
4/18/2011 Q: During server installation, how does the contractor handle trash and recycling?
A: When the contractor installs your new servers, the technician will take the recycling to your regular recycle dumpster. The technician will take the trash to your regular trash room.
4/18/2011 Q: I have several Dell Latitude D620 laptops. Will these run the new Windows 7 image?
A1: For the Dell D620 (and newer) laptops to run the new Windows 7 image, you will need at least 2 gigabytes of RAM. The D620 shipped with 1 gig or RAM. You may order RAM by contacting Robert Bettinger.
A2: In most cases, your ITSS will need to re-image any existing laptops for them to run the new image. This process ERASES THE LAPTOP completely, so you will want to make sure you have a copy of any personal files you have on the laptop before it's re-imaged.
4/15/2011 Q: Do I include the cafeteria computer and printer in my numbers?
A: No. The cafeteria computer and printer will be replaced this summer through a different process. You also should not include a computer for the health room. The health room computer is owned and managed by the county government.
4/15/2011 Q: Will the principal's Gateway Tablet run the new Windows 7 image?
A: No. In TMS2011 schools, the Principal Gateway Tablet will be replaced this summer with a Dell Latitude XT2 tablet PC. That replacement will occur on a different schedule (date) than regular Tech Mod. The technician will make a specific appointment with the principal.
4/14/2011 Q: Will I lose all my files when the new servers are installed?
A: No. Your files will be moved to the new server. There is also a backup of all your files on the AVAMAR system in the Data Center.
4/13/2011 Q: We have made our printer options decisions. Should we order toner now?
A: No. It is possible that specific models will change between now and when the printers are manufactured. We will provide you with a printer supplies list in mid-May 2011.
3/23/2011 Q: I have heard that kids using N-Computing must save to a flash drive. Is that true?
A: No. Kids using N-Computing log onto the system with their regular user ID and password. They can save to their home directory just like normal. They CAN save to a flash drive, but all four stations can "see" that flash drive when it's inserted in the host computer.
3/23/2011 Q: How far can the N-Computing stations be from the host computer?
A: About five feet would be the longest distance.
3/22/2011 Q: May I keep this old printer?
A: Generally no. Tech Mod is a replacement and update program. With your flexible options, you can choose how to replace those old printers. The printers on the list to be replaced are on that list because we do not expect them to last four more years, parts may not be available, or the ink may be so expensive that the new replacement will save the school more than the cost of the printer in ink costs over four years.
3/18/2011 Q: What version of Windows will we have in TMS 2011?
A: Computers will have Windows 7. Servers will have Windows Server 2008 64-bit version. You will also have MS Office 2010
3/18/2011 Q: My Nuts and Bolts meeting has not been scheduled yet. Should I worry?
A: This summer we are doing Tech Mod at 68 schools. It just takes time to get all the meetings scheduled and completed. Regardless of when your meeting is, you will have three weeks to complete the paperwork.
3/15/2011 Q: Which version of N-Computing will TMS 2011 receive if we select that as an option?
A: TMS 2011 will receive the PCI version of N-Computing that uses a PS/2 keyboard and mouse. TMS 2010 schools originally received the USB version.
3/2/2011 Q: Will Google Earth run on N-Computing?
A: No. N-Computing is for basic computer tasks like Word Processing, Internet, things like that. No video editing, no PhotoShop,
1/31/2011 Q: Which staff should attend the Nuts and Bolts meeting held at my school?
A: Principal, Media Specialist, ITSS, Business Manager, Building Services Manager. Some schools include the Staff Development Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Administrative Secretary. As the name implies, this meeting is the "nuts and bolts" of how the computers get installed. We will not be discussing training or software in this meeting.
11/29/2010 Q: If I select the N-Computing option, will I receive furniture for the additional stations?
A: There is no furniture available either from Tech Mod or the warehouse. You will need to use existing furniture.
2/9/2009 Q: What printers are in the toner recycling project?
A: Follow This Link
12/17/2008 Q: What are some of the differences between Office 2003 and Office 2007?
A: Check these online references.

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