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Online Training & Seminars

Free Clicker 6 Online Training from Crick Software (sign up)

Online training enable you to enhance your understanding of the program without even leaving your desk!

Online Videos

90 second Training sessions
View training videos on the Crick website.

Below are printable documents to copy or reference when working with Clicker 6.

a. How to work with Clicker sets:

  1. How-to-open-ready-made-Clicker-Sets-from-LearningGrids
  2. How-to-open-and-use-the-example-Clicker-Sets:

b. How to add images to a document:

  1. How-to-add-a-picture-painting-or-photograph-to-a-document
  2. How-to-show-instant-pictures-in-a-document

c. How to set Preferences:

  1. How-to-personalize-and-save-Clicker-6's-user-preferences
  2. How-to-register-your-own-media-library

d. Quick wizards

  1. How-to-create-a-matching-activity
  2. How-to-create-a-quick-picture-bank
  3. How-to-create-a-quick-sentence-building-activity
  4. How-to-create-a-quick-word-bank
  5. How-to-create-a-quick-listen-and-say-activity
  6. How-to-create-a-quick-story-telling-activity
  7. How-to-create-a-quick-talk-about-activity

e. Word Predictor

  1. How-to-personalize-the-word-predictor-settings
  2. How-to-show-pictures-or-symbols-in-the-word-predictor
  3. How-to-add-topic-words-to-the-word-predictor

f. Clicker Guide (US) (1,087 KB .pdf)

Sample Training Plan

  1. A sample training plan for a 2-3 hour hands-on training.

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