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  K-2 3-5 MS HS searchable
AAA Math
Explanations and online drill of arithmetic concepts. Sorted by topic or grade level. Although this site covers Kindergarten topics, the user interface is likely to be difficult for very young children.
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A+ Math
Mostly support for the four basic operations - you'll find a flash card creator, online games to practice and a homework helper that tells kids if they have the right answer.
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Academic Skill Builders Math Games - Standards-aligned free educational multi-player and single-player math games that are engaging for basic operations, fractions, and ratios aligned to NCTM Standards. x x x    
Argyle Centre Math Simulations
  Alberta Canada teacher created a nice collection of math simulations to teach middle and high school math.  These simulations allow you to change a variable and immediately see the effect. 
BBC Bitesize
Engaging activities and quizzes.  Many of them can be used by students who struggle with standard math tools.
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Brain Pop Math
An interactive website with comic strips, experiments, videos, quizzes, and interactive explanations of math topics.
(Subscription required. Some MCPS schools have purchased subscriptions)

Glencoe Pre-Algebra Brain Pop videos free

Glencoe Algebra1 Brain Pop videos free

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Brightstorm Math
This site has video demonstrations of just about every type of math problem in algebra, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, precalculus and calculus. You can also enter your own problem and get a solution. For $4.99 a month, you can get an interactive online tool that will show you the steps to solving any math problem you enter.
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Class Brain Math Games
Interactive Java based courseware for explorations in math.
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Conceptua Math
free online manipulatives to explore fractions. You need to sign up for a free account. Premium subscription provides student tracking and supplemental lesson plans.
e-Tutor Graphing Calculator
Allows graphing of equations online with some flexibility of presentation (e.g. color, zoom) and to provide practice with supports at home and school.
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Fun 4 The Brain
Animated games to practice the four operations. new
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Fun Brain's Teacher Page
This link will take you directly to the teacher page of this site of interactive games. From here, you can find a game that is best for your students. All games require Flash.
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Furbles Demo
Furbles are attribute shapes that you can organize into pie and bar charts. This flash demo version allows you to interactively explore data with engaging little creatures. A full-featured program can be purchased, but this free online activity is worth using as is to support teaching on simple data manipulation.
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Gamequarium - Elementary and Middle School Levels. Offers a variety of engaging games and videos organized by subject/content. x x x   x
Glencoe Math Textbook Resource
If you are using a Glencoe textbook, you can find online activities that match the unit you are teaching. MCPS 6th Grade Math Textbook Resources.
GraphIt!  From Interactivate
Students enter either a function or data values and the graph of the information is formed using Java technology. Allows students to explore what various functions look like in graph form. Beneficial for students who struggle with fine motor skills to draw graphs by hand.
Guess the Random Angle
Students guess the angle.  You can have the protractor show or not show.
Harcourt Math
This site has online activities that correlate with your Harcourt Math Book. You need the name of the author to log in on this free site. There is a search button at the top of the screen.
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The goal of HippoCampus is to provide high-quality, multimedia content on general education subjects to high school and college students free of charge. Content is correlated to many popular textbooks, so you can find extension material that coordinates with a chapter you are teaching.
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Holt Textbook Resources
You can set up an account for your school that gives you access to chapter by chapter resources in the Holt text books.  You’ll need the ISBN number of your text book.
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A comprehensive math resource site offers  free worksheets, math ebooks for elementary grades, extensive link list of games, interactive tutorials & quizzes, curriculum guide, and math teaching help articles/lessons.
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Online interactive and exploratory math activities searchable by grade level and key word.
x x x x x has a free online graph paper maker. You put in the dimensions and it generates a PDF you can print. Useful for kids who need larger squares. Many types and styles are available. x x x x  
InfoPlease Math Flashcards
Practice math facts online.
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Free online activities and resources for teachers and students to support exploration in science and mathematics. It is comprised of activities, tools (e.g. interactive manipulatives), lessons, and discussions.
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Interactive Math
interactive lessons and activities on subjects from algebra to calculus.
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Jefferson County Tennessee School District
Sharing site for PowerPoint presentations of math concepts.
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Johnnie's Math Page
Provides a collection of links to other web-sites that provide flexible methods for enganement, flexible presentation, digital alternatives for standard math manipulatives, and reinforcement of skills.
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Joy Wolfe's Classroom
Joy has math links that are aligned with each unit of Math A and Math B. Scroll down and look at the navigation bar on the left to find online activities for your particular unit.
Lexington Instructional PowerPoints
Lexington SC school district sharing site for PowerPoint presentations of math concepts (also includes other curriculum topics).
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Many Eyes
A collection of tools that allow you to visualize data in a variety of powerful ways. A must for any classroom discussion on graphing, but there is so much more to learn here.
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MCPS's own Math Dude offers engaging videos to explain concepts relevant to algebra/pre algebra.  You can download the videos or watch them online.     x x  
Math Forum
This site is a community based digital library with resources for a variety of math programs such as Sketchpad, TI calculators, and Excel.
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Math Glossary
This free online glossary defines mathematical terms and concepts through text, images, and examples relating to real world applications.
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Math Forum Problem of the Week
Provides a math problem each week that stimulates higher-order thinking skills. You can search the database of math problems so that you can use one relevant to your curriculum. Subscription Required. Contact your math resource person for a log in name.
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This website has support for homework and practice on a wide range of math subjects. The practice section is organized like a curriculum, complete with practice excercises that can be completed online and unit quizzes. There are also games and resources like online calculators. The resources are good, but the presentation is less exciting that the two sites listed above.
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Math Lab
an all-inclusive website for teaching all areas of math. Online lessons, games, practice excercises and built-in incentives are included. This site is engaging and FUN.
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Math Playground
offers drill and practice, flashcards and online manipulatives. The best feature is Thinking Blocks, which allows students to model word problems visually with step by step hints and video help.
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Math Matrix by CITEd
A guide for how to locate math software that addresses specific teaching and assistive technology needs.
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Math Skills Practice Activities Grades 3-5
Links to interactive online activities listed by category.
Math Stories Modeled problem solving of math word problems (not many alternative representations but some visual strategies).   x x    
Math Weblinks from Oakland Terrace ES
organized by MCPS mathematics grade and unit.
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Mathematics Graphic Organizers from Southwest Georgia RESA - lots of worksheets in Word format that give the steps to solving the problem and a workspace for the students.   x x x  
Maths Dictionary for Kids
Interactive, animated math dictionary for kids with over 600 common math terms explained in simple language.
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MCPS Mathematics Links for Elementary School
Links to web sites that are alligned to the MCPS elementary school math curriculum. Many provide alternatives for student engagement and practice.
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MCPS Mathematics Links for Middle School
Links to web sites that are alligned to the MCPS middle school math curriculum. Many provide alternatives for student engagement and practice.
    x PowerPoint presentations
From in New York State. Collections of PowerPoint presentations to with flexible presentation of math concepts for students across the PK-12 curriculum.
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Mr. Nussbaum - Highly engaging game site with strong content connections.  MCPS teachers really like this site. x x x    
Mr. R’s World of Math
Engaging math stories and poems that are appropriate for students in grade 3-8. 
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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
This site has math manipulatives online, is quick and easy to use, has activities that promote problem solving skills and is free. You can also buy a CD of the activities, with extra advantages of being able to print and save your work.
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Background information on math topics with some related online activities to go with them. The online activities are mostly interactive drill and practice. Think of this as math e-text with some interactive components.
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Platonic Realms
An engaging site full of support materials for high school math including downloadable resources (small download fee), math encyclopedia, and articles.
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Pete's PowerPoint Station - Math
Collections of PowerPoint presentations to with flexible presentation of math concepts and interactive activities for students across the PK-12 curriculum. Great visual presentation of Math concepts and graphics collection.
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Primary Resources
Collections for PPTs, Excel spreadsheets and other resources to support ES math instruction.  K-5.
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Promethean ActivSoftware Resources
Resources for sharing and using Promethean flipcharts and tools to support the curriculum, especially math.
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School Time TV
a small library of educational videos selected by teachers and approved by students that introduce new math concepts. Areas covered are fractions, zero, multiplication by 10.
Shodor's Interactivate
Online math activities and lesson resources for teachers.
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Study Jams by Scholastic - a collection of learning resources for science and math. Study Jams are slide shows, music videos, and step by step explanations with quizzes for students to review what they've learned. new   x x   x
Texas Instruments Math supports the use of scientific calculator, including an activity exchange and professional development training resources (including links to a full collection of video trainings through Atomic Learning).
    x x Webmath is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment. The math answers are generated and displayed real-time, at the moment a web user types in their math problem and clicks "solve." In addition to the answers, Webmath also explains how to arrive at the answer.     x x  
What’s My Angle?
Ten interactive activities that teach the use of a protractor.  Great for kids with fine motor difficulties who could benefit from an electronic protractor and the ability to type instead of draw.
World of Teaching
Sharing site for PowerPoint presentations of math concepts (also includes other curriculum topics) and user ratings.
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Math cartoon from "Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen", posted with special permission. For many more cartoons, please visit Randy's site @

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