Present to an Audience Beyond your School

Leadership Points earned: 3 points

How to claim your points: Contact a HIAT Team member prior to your training

Timeline: All trainings conducted between July 15 and May 1 will be eligible

There are many opportunities for educators to share their expertise beyond the doors of your their workplace.  HIAT recruits guest presenters for E-TIPS workshops during the school year and for the Summer Technology Academy.  If you are interested in presenting, contact Linda Wilson or another HIAT team member. For HIAT trainings, you can count on support from HIAT to create your training plan.

You may also earn Leadership Points for presenting at a conference on your own.


Your presentation should

  • support a UDL perspective
  • be at least 1 hour long
  • be a face-to-face training or a webinar
  • be open to MCPS staff beyond your school