Share a Set of Lesson Resources

Leadership Points earned: 2 points

How to claim your points: Send the links to your uploaded resources and a cover sheet to Kathleen Hamm (see below)

Timeline: All resources uploaded between July 1 and May 1 of the current school year are eligible

A set of resources is a package that contains resources for a complete lesson sequence or unit and includes an explanation of how the resources can be used together with UDL in mind to teach that sequence or unit.


A set includes:

  • Digital files including: digital text, PowerPoint presentations or FlipCharts, Clicker grids, ebooks, digital graphic organizers, screen casts, videos, grading rubrics for UDL projects, tools to create choices for students to demonstrate their knowledge, tools for students to reflect on their learning preferences and strengths.
  • A cover sheet with:
    • An explanation of the contents of the set
    • How they are intended to be used
    • How they support UDL principles of flexible teacher presentations and / or student choice

Where to Share

Please upload your resources to the most appropriate sharing portal in this priority order:

  • If your resource pertains to the grades that are available in the MCPS Online Curriculum, then please use the Instruction Center.
  • If your resource does not pertain to one of those grades and is a flipchart, then please use ActivMCPS.
  • If your resource fits neither of the above two categories, then please use the UDL Share Space.