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Request to Enroll Nonresident, Tuition-Paying Student

About this Form

Form number: 335-73a

Audience:  MCPS Staff, Parents/Guardians

Last revised: July 2018

DIRECTIONS: The following steps need to be completed to enroll a nonresident, tuition-paying student in MCPS.

  • Parent/guardian/responsible adult completes Part I of this form and submits to International Admissions and Enrollment (IAE).
  • IAE reviews the request and, in consultation with the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and the requested school(s) principal(s), takes into consideration factors such as building utilization as well as potential school options and available space at the student’s grade level.
  • IAE completes Part II of this form and returns it to the parent/guardian/responsible adult with a copy to Division of Controller.
  • If the request is granted, the parent/guardian/responsible adult contacts the Division of Controller to complete Part III of this form and submits payment to the Division of Controller.
  • Division of Controller will provide the parent/guardian/responsible adult with a receipt of payment, and a copy of this form.
  • Parent/guardian/responsible adult provides a copy of this form and the receipt of payment to the approved school.
  • The approved school enrolls the student.
Adobe PDF Request to Enroll Nonresident, Tuition-Paying Student445 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Solicitud para Matricular, con Pago de Matrícula, a Estudiante No Residente433 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Demande d’Inscription pour un Élève Non résident, Responsable des Frais de Scolarité.435 KFrench
Adobe PDF Yêu Cầu Ghi Danh Học Sinh Không Cư Trú tại Quận, Phải Trả Học Phí489 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 支付學費的非居民學生的註冊申請614 KChinese
Adobe PDF 교육구 비 거주자의 학비 지불 학생 등록 요청서460 KKorean
Adobe PDF ነዋሪነቱ(ቷ) በሞንትጎመሪ ካውንቲ ያልሆነ ከፍሎ የሚማር ተማሪ የምዝገባ ጥያቄ471 KAmharic

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