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Request for Change of School Assignment (COSA)

About this Form

Form number: 335-45

Audience:  Parents/Guardians

Last revised: January 2020

INSTRUCTIONS: The parent/guardian is to complete Part I and submit the form to the principal of the student’s home school between the first school day in February 2020 and no later than the first school day in April 2020, for the 2020-2021 school year.  Read carefully the information provided in the Change of School Assignment (COSA) Information Booklet before completing the form. See Board of Education Policy JEE, Student Transfers, and MCPS Regulation JEE-RA, Student Transfers and Administrative Placements.


Adobe PDF Request for Change of School Assignment (COSA)455 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Solicitud de Cambio de Asignación de Escuela463 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Formulaire de Demande de Transfert d’École437 KFrench
Adobe PDF Yêu Cầu Thay Đổi Chỉ Định Trường Học (COSA)565 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 變更指定學校的申請(COSA)550 KChinese
Adobe PDF 전학 요청서(COSA)478 KKorean
Adobe PDF ከምድብ ትምህርት ቤት ዝውውር ስለመጠየቅ467 KAmharic

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