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Appeal of Attendance Recording

High School Students Only

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Form number: 560-26A

Audience:  Parents/Guardians, School Staff, Students

Last revised: September 2018

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Form 560-26B - Attendance Intervention Plan

Students with five unlawful absences in a class will automatically be notified to submit an appeal of the recording of their absences if they or their parents/guardians believe any absence was recorded incorrectly, or develop an attendance intervention plan with their counselors/administrators. See MCPS Form 560-26B, Attendance Intervention Plan.

  • a. An appeal and/or attendance intervention plan may be initiated by the student, parent/guardian, or counselor/administrative team.
  • b. The counselor/administrative team will consult with the teacher regarding requirements for make-up work and will communicate the information to the student and the student’s parent/guardian.
  • c. Attendance appeal and intervention plan forms will be available at the counseling and administrative offices and on the MCPS website.
  • d. An administrator will review and sign off on the intervention plan.
  • e. If a student does not complete either an appeal of attendance recording or an attendance intervention plan and/or continues to be further unlawfully absent, the student will be considered to be in danger of receiving a failing grade in that course.
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High School Students Only
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