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Field Trip Accounting

About this Form

Form number: 280-41

Audience:  School Staff

Last revised: January 2017

 INSTRUCTIONS: This form is designed to provide the field trip sponsor and the school financial agent with a record of money collected for each field trip. The sponsor should retain both original and a copy of this form along with copies of the receipt forms received from the financial agent attached to it. When the trip is completed, the original of the form, but not the copies of receipt forms, should be given to the school financial agent.

Note:  An alternative to this form is available in Excel format on the myMCPS Business Center. School financial agents can access the interactive Field Trip Accounting Spreadsheet and save it to their T-Shared folder so that it is accessible to teachers. Below are the directions to the spreadsheet in the Business Center:

Business Center>IAF/School Funds Online>Tools/Calculators>Field Trip Accounting Spreadsheets

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