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The Online School Payments (OSP) Portal is provided to authorized MCPS school staff to access and manage online school activity payments, such as those for yearbooks and fundraisers.

Refer to Professional Development Online (PDO) for any upcoming training for the Online School Payment (OSP) Portal, course #64374, Online School Store 101 Beginner.

For the chart of accounts for the Independent Activity Funds (IAF), refer to the MCPS Financial Manual, Chapter 20, Appendix A, Chart of Accounts—SFO.


 Update for School Receipt Entry through OSP directly.   Effective Monday, July 12, 2021, the New School Receipting access has been replaced by Receipt Entry.  The instruction is under Instruction section (NEW)

Update for OSP Obligations:  Effective Friday, May 13th, the Obligations tab on the OSP Website will be changed to Other Payments.  The Student Debts tab will remain unchanged.  The change is based on your feedback to provide better clarification for parents.  

New Feature for OSP School Activities:  In the online school store, you are now able to add categories for your activities.  This feature allows for OSP activates to be sorted into different categories or sections in the eStore.  Making it easier for parents to browse.  .Please see attached documentation which includes the instruction and OSP support person for you to contact for any questions you may have on this process. 

An OSP - Chrome shortcut is now available in your school's Programs > Staff Applications folder. Double-click this shortcut to open the OSP Management Portal in a Chrome browser.  


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OSP - This is the main software and online store for taking K-12 receipts such as school field trip activities.

OSR - This is the cashier Point of Sale (POS) system to take in person purchasers of cash, check and credit cards and is an add on for Online School Payments (OSP).
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