Automation/ Maximo Unit

The primary functions of the Automation Team within the Division of Maintenance and Operations (DMO) include:

  • Maintaining and developing enhancements for the computerized maintenance work order system (Maximo),
  • Maintaining equipment records in the facility asset system (Maximo),
  • Providing server space used by maintenance staff,
  • Maintaining IT hardware (e.g. computers, handheld devices and printers) used by maintenance staff,
  • Installing software on desktops and laptop computers for maintenance staff,
  • Providing software support (e.g. virus removal) for maintenance staff,
  • Providing other IT support for unique hardware and software used by DMO, and
  • Providing Maximo training for school-based and maintenance users.

Maximo 7.6 Informational Video

Maximo User Manuals

How do I get a Maximo account and password?

For a basic level of access to Maximo (like school users have), send an e-mail to Rich Ide requesting a Maximo account. Include your employee ID#, work phone number, work location, and position. Mr. Ide will send an e-mail reply that contains your new Maximo password.

Maximo is not working on my desktop. What should I do?

If you are having problems with Maximo after successfully logging in to the program, you might try contacting your ITSS for support. Otherwise, feel free to contact Rich Ide to help address the problem.

How do I access Maximo from my school desktop?

The URL for Maximo is: You can type the URL for Maximo directly into your internet browser address field. Contact your facility ITSS to either have a shortcut placed on your desktop or Maximo listed on your favorites list.

I am not able to log into Maximo. What do I do?

Write down the error message that appears after you try to log in. Then contact Rich Ide for further assistance. (Note: Your Maximo password is the same as your myID password. Changes to your myID password will affect your Maximo password.)

Can I access Maximo from home?

No. Maximo must be accessed from an MCPS facility.

Our building service staff has found some damaged barcodes on equipment at our school. What should they do?

All issues about MCPS Facility Asset barcodes should be directed to Kathy Royster. Issues involving the small M.C.P.S barcodes found on computers, floor equipment, AV equipment, etc should be directed to Kevin Soisson.

Is there a course that teaches Maximo use?

Yes. Basic Maximo Training is offered approximately one time a month throughout the school year and once during the summer. This course covers the basics of creating work requests and viewing previously submitted work requests. You can request the course manual by contacting Mr. Ide. Sign up for the course using the on-line PDO system.

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