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About the IAQ Team

MCPS created the IAQ Team in 1999 to improve Indoor Air conditions in its facilities. The team consists of an environmental safety specialist; team leaders; heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) mechanics; an electrician; and technicians. The team performs functions related to two programs: the Reactive Program and the Building Maintenance Plan (BMP) Program.

The Reactive Program involves responding to IAQ-related complaints submitted by MCPS employees or parents for any school, office, or support facility. This program is designed to allow timely evaluation and correction of problems that can negatively affect Indoor Air conditions.

The award-winning BMP Program involves site visits to MCPS schools, during which the team evaluates existing Indoor Air conditions and performs preventive maintenance and repairs for ventilation equipment. Upon completing each visit, the team presents school staff with a written Building Maintenance Plan (BMP) that provides specific information and procedures necessary for maintaining favorable IAQ conditions. Over 110 facilities are currently in the BMP Program.

*MCPS IAQ Process Action Team Report, May 1998

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Building Maintenance Plan

A BMP, or Building Maintenance Plan, is a building-specific ventilation equipment operator's manual. BMPs are designed to assist building service managers and plant equipment operators in maintaining the ventilation equipment for their facilities. Each BMP provides detailed information and recommended preventive maintenance routines for supply ventilation units, exhaust ventilation units, air stations, chillers, and boilers. Service record forms (for recording maintenance and repair activities), recommended building cleaning procedures, and relevant information related to IAQ and occupational safety are also provided. School staff are expected to use the BMP to properly maintain their facility's ventilation equipment.

Information provided for each ventilation unit includes: the unit's location and equipment type, area(s) served by the unit, identifying information (brand, model, serial number), mechanical and electrical details (air filter types and sizes, fan belt sizes, voltage, circuit breaker and breaker panel locations, starter switch locations), and the recommended preventive maintenance routine for the unit.

IAQ Team personnel obtain the information for each BMP during preventive maintenance site visits. At the conclusion of each visit, the BMP is presented to the building service manager or plant equipment operator for his/her use.

A sample BMP is available for download:

Sample BMP (PDF – 671 Kb)

List of facilities with BMPs.

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