Payment Information

  • The Summer School office must received your payment by July 7.
  • Failure to provide payment may result in being withdrawn from the course.
  • Students will not be enrolled in a course until payment is received by the Summer School office.
  • Tuition for non-Montgomery County residents for Virtual Summer School Courses is $340 per half-credit course.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

Credit/Debit Card

  • Due to Covid19 restrictions, we are only accepting credit and debit card payments for Virtual Summer School 2020.
  • Visa and MasterCard payments may be made online. Instructions for submitting an online credit or debit card payment will be sent via email once registration is confirmed. Only available for current MCPS students.

Partial Tuition Waiver for Virtual Summer School Courses

Students may qualify for partial waiver of summer school course tuition. Please review the income levels below.

To qualify, students must be a Montgomery County resident. Tuition waiver amounts apply to each half-credit course.

School officials may verify the information provided on the application form. Purposely giving false information may result in having to pay full summer school tuition.

If you are taking a Virtual Summer School course, an ESOL course, or a Summer Online Learning course: and your total household income is: You will pay:
to earn original credit or to improve a passing grade in a course over $47,638 $150 per 1/2 credit course
to earn original credit or to improve a passing grade in a course between $0 and $47,638
(or you have a letter from a family assistance agency)
$75 per 1/2 credit course
to replace a failing grade in a course any income level $0 - there is no charge for the course you failed