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Fun & Educational At Home Activities: Week 9 

Water is everywhere! Dive into these at-home educational activities that explore the wonderful world of water.

1. Grades 3-5 English Language Arts, Math and Science
  • Play the My American Farm game "Wild Water Adventures"! Students reading at a fourth-grade level will strengthen English language arts comprehension through stories and questions on water usage. 
  • Then, check out this at-home activity where young learners make their own rain gauge with supplies you already have! 
2. Grades 6-8 English Language Arts, Science and History
  • Play Journey 2050! In this game, players explore world food sustainability through a virtual simulation. 
  • Next, this activity from National Ag in the Classroom dives into how water is used in agriculture and what sustainable practices farmers are implementing.For more science lessons related to water for grades 6-8, take a look at "Dive In! Exploring the Science of Water and Food Production." 
    3. Grades 5-12 Science, Math, English Language Arts
    • The current Purple Plow Challenge "Go with the Flow" asks: How can we improve the quality of our runoff and, in turn, reduce dead zones in our water resources? The materials for this challenge have been updated to be easier to do at home
    • Don't have time to do a full challenge? Check out one of the puzzlers like this one on natural filtration or this one on water ways.  
    4. Grades 9-12 Science
    The "Extreme Heat: Heat Waves, Drought and Agriculture" educator's guide brings together activities developed by the education office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and resources developed by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, to provide a comprehensive exploration of how weather and drought impact agriculture. You can check out the 5 free lessons here
    Want more? Check out this activity from 4-H! This 4-H STEM Lab activity for grades 3-5 explores how wetlands improve water quality.