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2020 Washington Post Principal of the Year Award

Nomination Packet Requirements:

Please limit your writing to the number of pages requested.  The type font should be Times New Roman and type size should be 12. (In order to provide all nominees with the same opportunity, only the number of pages and the information requested will be accepted.)

Submit the nomination materials in a manila folder. Do not put papers in plastic sleeves.(NOTE: Nomination packets will not be returned.)

Submit materials in the following order:

  • A career summary (resume).
  • A description of contributions in each of the nomination criteria. Write one page (double-spaced) for each criteria. 
  • Four statements of support, one of which must be by a professional educator.
  • A 200 word biography, written to highlight the specific award for which the awardee was nominated.
  • One vertical color photograph.  Headshot only. The image must be a JPG file and at least 2MB.

All nomination packets must include the following materials:

  • Resume: Complete a resume using the required format. The resume should reflect the breadth and depth of the principal's professional experiences, including those within the school and the broader community. Be sure to include areas that reflect their leadership experiences and those which reflect continuous learning.
  •  Description of Contributions: Write one page (double-spaced) for each of the nomination criteria  describing contributions they have made in each of the areas. Explain how the principal accomplishes each criterion. Be sure to include results/data related to specific practices they use in each of the criteria areas.
  • Letters of Support: Include four letters of support. One letter must be from a professional educator; one letter must be from a colleague; and one letter must be from a parent. Letters of support should address the nomination criteria and cite specific examples of how the principal displays the criteria in his/her practices and how this principal has made a significant difference in the lives of children. Each letter of support should be no more than two pages in length.
  • Biography: A 200 word biography, written to highlight the specific award for which the awardee was nominated. See example submission below:

Sample: John Doe is the principal at Franklin Pearce Public Charter School in Washington, D.C.  Franklin Pearce serves a unique population and it takes exceptional leadership to successfully manage the school and its community.  "Each child has individual and specific requirements and John makes sure that each need is met with an innovative and caring approach," wrote a parent, whose daughter attends the school.  "The safety and security of the students as well as their individual educational goals are paramount in how John supports the children, their families and his staff.  I have complete confidence and comfort knowing that John has provided an environment where my daughter's needs can be met and all her abilities nurtured and encouraged as best possible."  Mr. Doe began his career in education as a speech pathologist in the Prince George's County Public Schools system in 1993.  There he developed and implemented communication-based programs for students with autism, learning, and physical disabilities.  Mr. Doe earned his MEd and BS in speech/language pathology from Keene University in Keene, NH.

  • Photograph:  One vertical color photograph.  Headshot only.  The image must be a JPG file, and at least 2 MB.

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