Please provide information regarding how OSSI receives feedback on the work and measures impact of the new structure. What is working and what is not?

Question#: 54


The Office of School Support and Improvement (OSSI) identified multiple opportunities to check in with schools as well as other offices.  Current efforts to solicit feedback are either in development or occur on an ongoing basis through existing structures.

  • Survey to our school teams – mid year (in development)
  • Ongoing visits to Professional Learning Communities (PLCs):  High School Principals; Middle School Principals; Elementary School Principals; and Assistant Principals’ PLCs
  • Deputy Superintendent’s Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (MCAAP) Advisory Group (MAG)
  • Cluster Principals’ Meetings
  • Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations (MCCPTA) Cluster Vice Presidents’ quarterly meetings with the deputy superintendent and area associate superintendents
  • MCCPTA Cluster Coordinators’ quarterly meetings with directors
  • Associate Superintendents’ PLC: weekly cross-office check in with all central office colleagues

OSSI engages in continuous improvement by re-examining our processes, procedures, and support during OSSI PLC and bi-weekly area associate superintendents’ school support team meetings that include the area associate superintendent, directors, and instructional specialists.  We also value the important connections with our partners.  Most recently, leadership from the Department of Special Education K-12 Programs and Services and OSSI met and re-examined the shared agreements regarding the reorganization created during the summer and made adjustments for the remainder of the school year. We used feedback from our principals to collaboratively address how to better serve our schools with special education topics/issues/needs in a timely manner.