Can you provide information regarding the work of career information coordinators?

Question#: 27


The College and Career Information Coordinator (CCIC) is a member of the School Counseling team.  The CCIC develops and implements a comprehensive college and career information program for students in Grades 9–12 and maintains the College and Career Center located at each Montgomery County Public Schools high school.  The CCIC reviews, selects, and distributes a wide variety of information concerning colleges, career and employment opportunities, and career information.  The CCIC assists students in the college planning process including the application process, testing, financial aid, and scholarships. CCIC’s support the work of the school counseling program by meeting with students and parents/guardians individually and/or in groups on career planning and the college entry process.  The CCIC maintains rapport with college, career, military, and the business community in order to gather and disseminate current information and resources.